Connexchange Overview

At Connexchange, we combine next generation cloud technologies and our strong passion for innovation to bring cutting-edge omnichannel solutions that are best suited for the world of tomorrow.

  • The convenience of work
  • Modern technologies
  • Web platform
  • Support all kinds of devices
  • Security
  • Power and Convenience

    With Connexchange, you will get a system with scalability potential of almost no feasible limits, and power to easily share the data utilizing an advanced multidimensional tagging system. Connexchange data delivery platform utilizes smart technology to quickly adapt to your every need.

  • Advanced Security

    At Connexchange, we take the matter of security with all seriousness. We constantly stay on top of the security race. And with years of industry expertise and our unparalleled technical knowledge of data delivery platforms, we have developed the one solution that you can trust.

  • Multiplatform Experience

    We bring most outstanding omnichannel data delivery solutions to life. Connexchange allows you to quickly transform, summarize and export your data on the go from any device, from wherever you are. It is the next-gen platform that delivers information to you on a whim.

New Features
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    Manage data

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    Linked data


Now you can view all your cloud data online from any source and with the convenience of multichannel experience. Take a look at data from a completely new perspective.


Online multidimensional consolidation of your data with unprecedented flexibility along with robust filtering and search capabilities. The power to find a needle in a haystack – right in your hands.

  • Object Storage

    Billions upon billions of multisized objects can be stored and managed with ease. And now you can utilize agile metadata search and multidimensional tagging.

  • Control Big Data

    With strong analytical tools on part with elegant visual representation embedded, Connexchange presents itself as an ideal platform that can drive your strategic business value.

  • IoT

    With the technology from Connexchange, you can now transform the way your business operates using the collective IoT (Internet of Things) data from sensory and memory data.

  • Banking & Finance

    Perhaps no other industry comes to mind more often when talking about data and numbers. Our advanced solutions can be tailored to fit the very specifics of your financial operations.

  • Media

    Magnify your reach to the masses with the data delivery technology from Connexchange. Multisite architecture with effective global interactivity and media archiving capabilities.

  • Education

    Take advantage of the immense amounts of piling data with the help of Connexchange to improve upon facilities management, fundraising, student success tracking.

Case Studies

BI Solution for Nonprofit Organization

A nonprofit with an online merchandise shop has boosted fundraising after the implementation of a custom tailored BI solution from Connexchange.

Connexchange Implementation at University

Learn about how with the use of both eX Data and eX Table the university was able to completely reshape the data processing and as a result enhance management on all levels.

About Us

Why Choose Connexchange:

  • Fast Deployment. We can get your operations up and running in.
  • Extraordinary Performance. Virtually limitless amounts of data at no expense of performance efficiency.
  • Intuitive in Use. Customer-focused UI with a short learning curve will make the work with the product easy.
  • Stellar UI Design. We believe that a high-quality product should have also an excellent eye-pleasing look.
  • We Stay in Touch. This is how we achieve transparency and provide you with guidance on using the product.
  • Connexchange Data Delivery Cloud Platform

    Connexchange Cloud is the SaaS form of the data delivery platform with maintenance, upgrades, and security fully managed by EX support team.

  • Connexchange Data Delivery Self-hosted Platform

    With Connexchange Data Delivery Self-hosted Platform, you host Connexchange Software on your own server at your premises behind your IT firewall.

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