CE Open Data is a central location where you can access a wide variety of public data using Connexchange data sharing platform. What’s more, it’s completely free! Take a second to browse our existing data libraries online or post your data online for public use or private sharing with your friends. Do not have the data the data you need? Do not despair, just ask us for help and will get this delivered to you online.

What can be shared in CE Open Data?

Anything you would like that comes in a single spreadsheet or a set of linked tables. Why not to share your list of DVDs with a friend or show off your collection of stamps? Ever wondered how to find the best school in your area or macro-economic growth numbers for a country? Everything that’s a list of things can now be shared with a single click on CE Open Data.


Libraries below is a sample of libraries we have for you to check out! More coming out soon, so please come back tomorrow.

Don’t have your existing data to share?

No problem! Just file a request to obtain the data you need with us and it will be delivered to you via Connexchange data delivery platform.

The future of online data delivery